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Our Mission

An interscholastic athletic program as a co-curricular activity is an integral part of the total education and growth experience at Millennium Community School. The purpose of the athletic program is to provide a variety of experiences that will enhance and round out the quality of each student that participates. Through participation in athletics, students will mature physically, emotionally, and socially. Students will also learn to take responsibility for personal growth by developing loyalty, pride, integrity, and commitment. Student-athletes, coaches, parents, and administration are called upon to work together in the true spirit of sportsmanship and community. Only with the cooperation of all parties involved can a successful program be maintained.

Our Philosophy

Millennium Community School provides a holistic educational experience where students are encouraged to develop their talents, develop academically, physically, and mature personally. To be an effective student-athlete, a person must develop self-discipline, respect for authority, and the spirit of hard work and sacrifice. Extracurricular programs are valued at Millennium Community School as a means to broaden the student experience in a variety of creative and productive ways. Through participation, students will learn to take responsibility for personal growth by developing loyalty, pride, integrity, and commitment.

Under the guidance and direction of qualified and dedicated coaches, our students learn to compete while respecting the dignity of others and celebrating their differences. Student-athletes are taught to be compassionate in victory and gracious in defeat, reaching beyond themselves with concern for the needs of others. Student-athletes also are expected to be model students in the classroom, the respect shown to school staff, and adhere to school rules. Competitive athletic programs provide our students opportunities to learn important lessons in teamwork, commitment, character, discipline, respect, and determination that enrich the lives of our students and prepare them for future success.

Current Practice & Meeting Schedule

  • There are currently no practice sessions

Coming Soon

Middle School Football Information Meeting

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

6:00 PM





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