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Employment Opportunities    

As a growing organization, we are constantly on the lookout for talented, passionate people. Our vision is to set the standard for national excellence in education and leadership by producing an unparalleled track record of results and smarter students who have the confidence, skills, and attitudes to reach their full potential as responsible, productive members of society.


We are a purpose-driven organization with a passion for education and a drive to make a difference. Millennium Community School believes that all students can learn and achieve when the necessary conditions for learning are provided: a rigorous curriculum, highly qualified staff, and proven learning strategies. While student achievement ultimately depends on the individual, it is the relationships among teachers, children, and parents that provide the supportive environment required to achieve our academic success. We have high expectations for our employees as we do for the students who attend our school.


Being one of Ohio's first and largest brick-and-mortar community schools founded in 1999, Millennium has been fortunate to remain one of the best for over 20 years. We are a K-8th grade, school-wide Title I school. Our student population consists of 98% African American youth from families with low to medium social-economic status. More than 85% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunches. This is reflective of the neighborhood in which the school is located in.


The curriculum for Millennium Community School is standards-based with an emphasis on college/career readiness. We accept all students without preference for any particular sub-group, ethnicity, or handicapping condition. We simply focus on growing students academically by providing top-notch instruction that satisfies multiple learning styles. Our parents continue to support Millennium's efforts toward providing their children with the educational fundamentals necessary to succeed in life.


We offer our teachers competitive salaries with performance-based bonuses, and a comprehensive benefits package.

Come join an awesome team of dedicated professionals and celebrate results! Please visit to view our available positions.

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