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About Us.

Millennium Community School is proud to have the opportunity to service the educational needs of the community. Students are exposed to a variety of experiences that are created in order to enrich them in their development throughout the school year as well as mature each of one of them into a stellar student. The goal of the faculty and staff members of Millennium Community School is to provide an educational experience that will produce positive leaders of the future.

Staff members work enthusiastically to create positive relationships with the students and their parents. After 20+ years of service, Millennium Community School continues to offer a safe and cohesive learning environment. The academic curricular continues to expand to an exceptional standard of learning that will position all students for greatness in their futures.

Unity is an important component to success here at Millennium Community School. In order to provide an environment that will successfully improve student success, the facility is comprised of three academic communities; K-1st, 2nd-5th, and 6th-8th grades. Each community will function as an independently operated academic entity, with an Academic Architect as a leader. The Academic Architect will assist with guiding curricular, disciplinary measures, and increase in academic achievement in order to ensure each student’s success within his/her community. This approach has the following attributes:

  • Creating cultural, real-world, and enrichment experiences for students

  • A data motivated environment to measure and increase students’ academic performance

  • The celebration of every success, recognizing students and school-wide accomplishments each month

  • Monitoring discipline and quickly resolving matters not conducive to the learning environment

  • Building an organization with improved processes to achieve effectiveness and efficiencies throughout


To this end, Millennium Community School staff members, along with the parents and community members will continue to strive to make what has become better, become the best. In order for our students to be successful, our expectations will be extremely high and our results will be extraordinary.

Our Vision

     Millennium Community School will set the standard for national excellence in education and leadership.


Our Mission

      Millennium Community School fosters life-long learning through academic excellence for all students.

Our Purpose

     Millennium Community School is dedicated to all students becoming lifelong learners and responsible citizens through academic success, leadership, and responsible citizenship. We support students in a safe, nurturing educational environment so that students will take risks to push themselves to the next level of their personal best.


Our Philosophy

     The basic educational philosophy of our program states that every child can learn if taught appropriately. Equipped with a proven curriculum, school staff follow successful instructional practices, evaluate each child often, and alter ineffective teaching practices to meet the needs of every child. The school emphasizes basic skills, development and mastery at every stage to make it probable that skills will be applicable and generalizable.

Our Program

Millennium Community School was established in 1999 and is the longest running charter school in the Columbus, Ohio area. Millennium accepts students in grades K-8.  Grades K-5 loop with their teachers which allows most students to have the same teacher for 2 years. Students learn in a Blended Learning format that combines in-person and online learning. Each student is assigned a chromebook that allows access to the various online learning platforms utilized by teachers.  Student learning also includes 5 special classes: Art Education, Physical Education, Technology, Career Education and Millennium 7 (Character Education).


Millennium employs highly qualified school personnel and administrators who believe there are no excuses for children failing to learn. All teachers are certified and paraprofessionals are available at each grade level.  Full Special Education and intervention services are also available.

Fun Facts

  • Our mascot the Rocket was chosen by the student body. 

  • School Colors: Sky Blue, Navy Blue, White

  • Motto: "We Grow Kids!"

  • Over 60% of our staff has been with us for at least 3 years.

  • We have a Career Education Program that starts in Kindergarten.

  • The Rocket Athletic & Activity Program is open to any student in the community.

  • We have been an accredited school with Cognia (formerly AdvancEd) since 2007.





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