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Students at Millennium Community School learn in a Blended Learning format that combines in-person and online learning. Each student is assigned a Chromebook that allows access to the various online learning platforms utilized by teachers. All learning is standards based and students are assessed daily with class exit tickets as well as bi-weekly through short assessments.  This allows teachers to adjust instruction as needed in order to meet the needs of the students.


Student learning also includes 5 specials classes: Art, Physical Education, Technology, Career Education and Millennium 7 (Character Education).

Millennium is comprised of 3 learning communities: Kdg. - 1st Grade, 2nd - 5th Grade and middle school.  Grades K-5 loop with their teachers which allows most students to have the same teacher for 2 years.


Homework Help
Homework is assigned to help students become more self-reliant, learn to work independently, and improve their skills. Home study assignments also give parents a way to acquaint themselves with the school program and their child's progress.  We invite you to become partners with us by monitoring this work at home and talking with your child about his or her homework assignments and activities.

Homework Request/Makeup Policy
If a student is absent, parents may request assignments by contacting the teacher or the front office. Please allow 24 hours' notice for teachers to prepare assignments. Students will be allotted two days for each day of absence to complete written assignments.

Report Cards
Millennium Community School is on a quarter reporting system. Report cards are available at the end of each quarter grading period and can be accessed online via Schoology.  Parents are encouraged to monitor grades regularly throughout each quarter.

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled twice during the school year. Parents are invited to come to the school and confer with their child's teacher at a scheduled time. A parent or teacher may request a conference at any time during the school year. Parents requesting a meeting at a time other than the regularly scheduled conferences should contact the teacher. A conference will be arranged at a time when the teacher is not delivering instruction. Parents are not able to meet with teachers without an appointment in an effort to minimize interruptions to the learning process.

Weekly Assessments

Teachers turn in weekly reports of lessons completed, and the explicit assumption is that all children have mastered all material in each and every completed lesson. The curriculum provides a clear standard against which each teacher's performance is measured. Should performance fall below expectations, adjustments are made in the teaching technique or placement of the child. The school employs Academic Architects to collect and analyze student data, train, evaluate and manage teachers, and report to the school administration on student progress.


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