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Providing a better education for our children requires a close working relationship among parents, administrators, teachers, students, and the community. At Millennium Community School, we have an open door policy. Therefore, you are able to visit your child's classroom at anytime to observe. By following the guidelines in our Visitor & Volunteer Policy, there are many opportunities as a parent to participate in your child's education.


Parent-Teacher Conferences
Parent-Teacher conferences are held two times each year. During these established times, parents, guardians and/or caregivers are encouraged to schedule a conference. Informal conferences, which must be scheduled be the teacher, can be held before or after school or during the teacher's classroom special period. Please call, email or write your child's teacher to schedule an appointment.

Room Parents
We want to duplicate success and focus everyone's time and energy on what works. We are asking for parents to join other parents and teachers in coordinating classroom activities and efforts. Contact your child's teacher for more information.

PTO Membership
We invite all parents to become involved with their child's classroom and the many exciting activities offered at Millennium Community School. Administrators, teachers and the community members are also encouraged to join. Contact the school for more information about meeting times.

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