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Attendance and participation in class, whether in school or online is an integral part of academic achievement and the learning process. Regular attendance develops patterns of behavior essential to professional and personal success in life. In order to emphasize the necessity of daily school attendance the School Attendance Law was created by the Ohio Department of Education. This law requires students to attend school a total of 920 hours each year. Therefore, it is the parent’s responsibility to comply with this law to ensure that all school-age children are educated. Failure to adhere to this compulsory attendance policy will result in the student repeating a grade and/or result in the parent/guardian, being reported to the appropriate court authorities and social service agencies for noncompliance.

Additionally, all community schools are mandated under HB 364 attendance guidelines established by the Ohio Department of Education to follow the same school attendance provisions codified in the ORC Chapter 3301. As a result, the Millennium Community School Board of Directors adopted the policy below that has been in effect since August 14, 2006:


  1. Students report daily at 8:15 am and are dismissed at 3:30 pm, in accordance with our school calendar and schedule. After 9:05 am students are considered tardy and need to be signed in at the office.

  2. The classroom teacher must record student absences and tardiness daily.

  3. The parent(s)/guardian(s) must call the main office at 614-255-5585 to notify the school if a student is absent or tardy, and must submit a written notification regarding the reason(s) for absence or tardy upon the student's return to school.

  4. Students who are tardy or leave prior to dismissal time will have their times recorded and time counted against the required 920 hours of instruction.

  5. Students without legitimate excuses who fail to participate in 72 cumulative hours (11 days) of consecutive learning will be WITHDRAWN DUE TO TRUANCY in accordance to HBC 364 and will not receive a passing grade nor be promoted to the next grade level. Each day that a student is absent or tardy, the parent/guardian will be informed via telephone through our School Reach program.

  6. The Dean of Students will work with parents and guardians to ensure compulsory attendance by all students, including but not limited to, home visits, intervention programs, and/or referrals to appropriate agencies or courts.

  7. No make-up work will be permitted for unexcused absences.


8:15 AM    Student Drop-off & Breakfast

All students receive a free breakfast.

9:00 AM   Class Begins

Students are considered tardy after 9:05.

9:05 AM    Students Considered Tardy

Tardies due to late buses are excused.

11:30 AM  Lunch Periods Begin

All students receive a free lunch. Times vary depending upon grade level.

3:15 PM     Office Closes for Dismissal

The office will not answer phones or doors to ensure a smooth dismissal.

3:30 PM   Dismissal

Buses are released in the rear.  Student pick-up is on the east side of school.

4:00 PM    Office Re-opens & After-school Activities Begin

Times & days for activities will vary depending on the activity.

7:00 PM    School Closes

See you tomorrow!

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