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Director Russell
Superintendent and Executive Director

Eubanks_J (1).jpg

Mrs. Eubanks
Kdg. & Middle School Academic Architect

N Anloague.jpg

Ms. Anloague
1st-5th Grade Academic Architect


Mrs. Konieczynski
Exceptional Education Coordinator

Staff Polo Photos (1).png

Mr. Brown

Dean of Students

Lee-MChunganji_T (2).jpg

Ms. Lee-MChunganji
Family Support Administrator


Mr. Kee
Athletic Coordinator

D Gillison 1.JPG

Mrs. Gillison
Parent & Community Engagement Liaison


Mrs. Ba
Parent & Community Engagement Liaison

Staff Polo Photos (10).png

Ms. Davis
Office Manager

DSC_0465 retouched & cropped gray.jpg

Mrs. Hairston
Executive Project Coordinator


Millennium Community School is governed by a Board of Directors whose role and responsibility is to oversee school related matters (i.e., general and personnel policies, operations and fiscal priorities).

Kevin Harris, President
Kevin has over 10 years in the retail industry in banking, management and customer service. He currently serves as the President of the Board of Directors of the Millennium Community School. President Harris has been a member of the School Board of Directors since 2006.

Manika Williams, Secretary
Manika is a graduate of Tuskegee University with a degree in Early Childhood Education, started her professional career as an officer in the Air Force. Her work is focused on improving the quality of early care and education programs in the community. Board Member Williams has been a member of the School Board of Directors since 2010.

Navitta Nelson, Board Member
Ms. Navitta Nelson has a 25-year accounting background with experience in organizational strategic planning, financial management, fundraising, and resource development. She has collaborated extensively with other community-based projects in conjunction with organizations like the Heinzerling Foundation and Keep Columbus Beautiful.  Board Member Nelson is studying to obtain a dual degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice and has been a member of the School Board of Directors since September 2021.

Brittany Price, Board Member
Ms. Brittany K. Price is currently the Program Liaison at Alvis, Inc. a non-profit agency in Central Ohio that focuses on turning lives around with a 180-degree impact. The agency has five service lines: Re-Entry, Community Corrections, Developmental Disabilities, Behavioral Health, and Family & Children Services. Brittany has exuded confidence and passion in working with underrepresented student populations as a resource advocate, champion for student voice, and academic proponent of student personal accountability. Board Member Price has been a member of the School Board of Directors since June 2022.

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